Very Hot Sauce Madam Piña - 100ml

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She’s a mighty spicy sauce made with hot chilis, a load of pineapple and some fresh ginger. She gets her heat from the Surinam Madame Jeanette chili pepper, aromatic sun grown and full of heat, which we ferment in a brine for 90 days to give the flavour that popping, sour bite. Ingredients Madame Jeanette chili mash, brine (water and salt), pineapple, ginger, xanthum (100% vegan). Description a tangy spicy sauce based on pineapple and fermented chilis Put it on Everything! this one is good on pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, bbq, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Heat quite spicy Volume 100ml El Jefe Primo Salsa, put it on everything.

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