Limited Edition - Very Hot Sauce 7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper - 100ml

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Every year we grow a feature pepper in our little green house in Amsterdam. And every year we harvest this pepper and produce a single batch of hot sauce with it. And then we eat it! This year we made 150 bottles using the 2020 season feature; the Jamaican Hot Chocolate pepper. A spicy, habanero type pepper with a fruity taste and a beautiful brown color. We fermented these lovely peppers and then added typical island all spice and a load of spring onions to create a very hot, jerk style hot sauce. Put it on every-ting! Ingredients Jamaican Hot Chocolate pepper chili mash, brine (water and salt), vinegar, all spice and fresh spring onion (100% vegan). Description a tangy spicy sauce based on traditional jamaican jerk sauce flavors Put it on Every-ting! this one is sooo good with BBQ, but also on a sandwhich, eggs or whatever you can think of. Just get spicy with it! Heat very spicy Volume 100ml El Jefe Primo Salsa, put it on everything.

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